Blue Ridge Beef

About Blue Ridge Beef 

Providing nutritious raw food for pets for 30 years.  The Blue Ridge family has devoted their lives to making every effort in providing the very best natural highest quality nutrition for pets.

Pets are our only business

  • Our deep rooted commitment to quality control is 2nd to None
  • Our meats and bones are designed and processed in our own USDA inspected facilities.
  • We are committed to providing nutritious natural diets for pets with our unique formulas available only under the Blue Ridge Beef™ label.
  • Our products are made the old fashioned way, one chub at a time from our family to yours.
  • Each and every product produced is the pride of 3 generations of hands on experience in nutritional pet care.

Raw Ingredient Sources

  • SDA inspected human grade food facilities
  • All raw sourced locally in the southeast region USA
  • Blue Ridge Beef™ 100% pure natural meats and bones
  • Fresh and flash frozen preserving amino acids and live digestive enzymes essential for healthy pets.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • No gluten, grain or imported materials
  • No preservatives or additives.
  • No by-products, meals, organ fillers, color or taste additives.
Blue Ridge Beef Turkey with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Chicken with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Natural Mix
Blue Ridge Beef Puppy Mix with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Quail with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Shank Bones
Blue Ridge Beef Breeders Choice
Blue Ridge Beef Duck with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Raw Green Tripe
Blue Ridge Beef Venison with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Mix with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Beef Grind
Blue Ridge Beef Beef with Bone
Blue Ridge Beef Lean Beef