K-9 Kraving

About K-9 Kraving

K-9 Kraving, an HPP-Free, raw dog food manufactured by Boesl Packing Company, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland.


Boesl Packing Company, Inc. is a privately owned and operated company established in 1932. We originally produced hot dogs and smoked meats and our plant is comprised of 21,000-square feet of dedicated manufacturing, on-site packaging, industrial refrigeration, freezing and dry storage space.

In 2000, along with Dr. Richard Patton, Ph.D in Animal Nutrition, we applied our knowledge of producing human food to create a consistently safe and optimally healthy raw diet dog food. In 2004, K-9 Kraving was introduced to the marketplace as the first USDA Certified pet food manufacturer nationwide – lending testimony to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing practices in the industry. To this day, our raw diet dog food is made utilizing the same sanitary equipment, ingredients and conditions as human food.



K-9 Kraving products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art processing facility using only human grade and USDA Inspected ingredients. Our ingredients are born, bred, raised and manufactured in the USA (except Whole Mackerel that are sourced from Canada).

K-9 Kraving Frozen Raw Green Tripe Dog
K-9 Kraving Frozen Raw Mackerel Dog
K-9 Kraving Frozen Raw Dog Food Turkey & Vegetable
K-9 Kraving Frozen Raw Dog Food Chicken & Vegetable